Escalators & Moving Walks

Escalators & Moving Walks

Whether it’s our passengers, our customers or our colleagues, we put people at the center of everything we do

Commercial Escalators & Moving Walks

Refined yet resilient, moving customers and tenants in ways that guide and delight
Our escalators are safe, reliable and designed to integrate seamlessly with your building. Our moving walks are engineered to be whisper quiet and smooth. Both are custom-made to complement your building’s unique environment.

Public escalators & moving walks

Effortlessly handling the heaviest traffic, year after year
Designed to meet the extreme and varied demands of public spaces such as airports, metros and busy transport hubs, our escalators and moving walks raise the bar for endurance and reliability. You can expect at least 20 years of efficient, safe service without downtime from our products in classic public ‘hot spots’. Fully-APTA compliant escalator and moving walks are available.

Going above and beyond

When it comes to safety, just meeting code is not enough. The sheer breadth of our additional features
stand testament to our dedication to your safety. Employing the very best materials and
precision engineering methods, we provide failsafe freedom of choice.

The beauty of design

Gone are the days of being hidden from view; today’s escalators and moving walks take pride of place in public and commercial spaces. They help define the way people experience these buildings.

We Know Quality

Every three days, our lifts and escalators transport the equivalent of the world’s entire population;
we care deeply about each and every person.

1) Unmatched construction

KCPC escalators® use rectangular steel trusses to increase their strength. Seal welds protect them against internal corrosion.

2) Rigorous testing

Escalator steps are subjected to dynamic load testing – not only 5 million times as normally required, but 20 million times. All our facilities conduct step breakage tests too, ensuring step quality and durability.

3) Rigorous testing

We use a computerized assembly jig for precise alignment of the tension carriage, track system and main drive.

Sustainable sophistication

Our escalators and moving walks embrace sustainability. Our smart lubrication system uses up to 98 percent less oil than manual lubrication systems. Sleep mode operation plus LED lighting further reduce energy consumption. In addition, the ReGen drive captures energy when the escalator travels in a downward direction, returning it to your power grid.
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