Nurtured by a challenging, rewarding, and secure working environment, our employees are committed to the company’s vision of pursuing excellence in the field of Elevator, contracting and construction.

Our multi – national management team consists of highly skilled professionals, all specialized in their respective fields. They possess the drive, passion, dedication and loyalty necessary to make each project a guaranteed success.

Nasser Al Saleh

General Manager -Support Services

Hamad Al-Saleh

General Manager - Trading Services

Mahmoud Hammad

Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Anan Al-Kishawi

Department Manager, Infrastructure

Mohammed Hakim

Department Manager, Electrical

Mohammad Kamel

Department Manager, Engineering Products

Ahmed Ibrahim

Department Manager - Marble Division

Muneer Anbar

Department Manager – Business Development

Osama Khalil

Department Manager, Finance

Fudda Yousef

Department Manager, Human Resource

Asif Jamal

Department Manager, Information Technology

Francis Machado

Department Manager, Stores

Mohammad Bazzaz

Department Manager, Legal

Layla Nasser

Department Manager - Legal and Compliance

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